Cover Story in Best Times

I am honored and humbled in providing you with a link to the December 2012, Best Times cover story, Rich Maxwell, Leading young and old into a love of marbles.

I will save the punch line for a future announcement but, in brief, the 5-page article has inspired a new zeal for promoting the age-old pastime of playing marbles. I want to set up marble events, to teach kids how to play marbles. I have built indoor marble boards where kids and adults can shoot marbles without the marbles rolling all over the place. It is working well with seniors at retirement centers; and the very idea of re-connecting with the favorite childhood past time, has been very well received.

I hope we can do something together.

Kindest Regards,

Rich Maxwell, Shawnee, Kansas

Author of Collecting Marbles: A Beginner’s Guide, (May 2012)


6 thoughts on “Cover Story in Best Times

  1. Great article. All About Glass, the quarterly magazine of the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia ( — and home of the National Marble Museum — is always looking for articles on marbles, if you’d care to write for us. No pay, but it helps to get the word out to our 500+ members. I’m the editor, so please contact me if you are interested. Tom at the Museum of American Glass in WV

    • Tom: Absolutely! I was feel honored to contribute an article. Do you have an editorial schedule? And, where can I read previous writings? I’m working on a theme for 2012, Marble Rule! What do you think?

    • That would be great. My next deadline is February 10 for the April issue. If you’ll send me your address to, I’ll send you some sample issues. And, yes, I have met Ken Humphries. Our museum has an annual Glass Gathering and a couple of years ago, it was held in the Kokomo area. Ken was one of our speakers.


  2. Thanks Nancy. I’m looking forward to 2013. I’m proposing we call my new book about playing marble games, “Marbles Rule”. Please spread the word. It will take all of us to raise awareness for this age-old past time.

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